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Why to choose Redmenta's AI tools?

Did you know that you have been using artificial intelligence for years?

Whether we are using facial recognition on our smartphones, buying products online, using navigation, endlessly scrolling on social media, or listening to songs on our favorite music streaming service, AI is already impacting our choices in one way or another.

AI is not only here to transform our everyday but also the way we teach and learn. Machine learning is revolutionizing the education sector. The possibilities are endless, from personalized learning to content generation, data analysis or closing the gap between students. However, many schools are still struggling to integrate these cutting-edge technologies - says Abhinand Chincholi, in his Forbes article


How can Redmenta AI help?

There are several uses for AI on Redmenta. From content generation to gamified, skill-building and analytical tasks, everyone can find the solution that best suits their needs to develop their students' thinking and problem-solving skills quickly, easily and effectively. 

With the AI Content Generator, you can create whole worksheets, homework or project-based content in minutes on Redmenta. With the help of AI, these worksheets are automatically generated based on the source you specify. All it takes is a link, a photographed page from a book, and the AI can generate the whole worksheet  in minutes. No more 40-50 minutes or even hours of editing. You can now create a worksheet in under 2 minutes, with the quality you are used to.


In addition to the content generator, there are AI-based so-called Chat task types, which can be used to develop students' communication and problem-solving skills in a playful way. 

The Chat task type has several uses: you can, for example, provide it for free discussion, which is an excellent way to gather information and also helps the brainstorming phase before tackling a more complex task. For example, before writing a CV, students can get extra information about best practices in CV writing. This way, they learn the tricks, which they can use in another task straight away. Here you can test whether they are able to ask relevant questions to gather the information they need. Another factor in the assessment is execution. If you add another task to the information gathering phase, you can see whether the student has interpreted the information well and applied it well in practice


Not only does this help with the delivery of the material and assessment of knowledge, but it also allows students to access the information at their own pace and through their own logic, adding a sense of playfulness to the learning process. Learning is even more fun if you include additional Chat task types in the worksheet. Examples of such Chat tasks are Guess Who, String of Words and Hangman. These tasks are all modern versions of classic games that can be played through chat conversations with the AI and can be used to develop skills such as communication, critical and problem-oriented thinking.


How is the Redmenta AI add-on better than the free AI tools?

Redmenta AI has many advantages. The three most important benefits are time savings, the ability to be integrated into Redmenta's unique environment and a secure, controlled environment. 

You already know that AI-generated worksheets are created in minutes, saving you a lot of time on editing. Another big advantage of Redmenta AI is that we have built AI capabilities specifically into Redmenta's unique environment. While free AI tools can only compose the content elements of a task, or perhaps its structure, Redmenta's AI content generator edits the task itself, with all the associated settings. In other words, it writes the instructions, inserts the solution, generates the solution key and sets the scoring. This way, you don't have to do any editing, you only have to check the AI’s work. AI is a huge help, but it's not infallible. It's important to check its work to ensure that it is accurate and relevant. You can edit the assignments produced by the AI at your discretion, so if you find minor errors or would like to specify a different scoring setting, you can correct them with a few clicks.

redmenta_aicademy_illustration_2_resized (1)

The third big advantage is that the generation of the worksheets and the chat conversations between the AI and the students are all done in a teacher-controlled environment under totally secured conditions. In the Chat task types, for example, it is possible to control the message exchanges (for example the number of it). Moreover these are parameterised in a way that allows you to specify the specific answer at the time of editing. For example, in Guess Who, you can specify that the AI should answer as it was Sir Isaac Newton, but not tell the completer whose skin it is until the end of the game. For Hangman, you can also specify the answer, and for String of Words, you can set a category that must match the words you enter during the game. 

In this way, we have turned the chat into different tasks, which are excellent for developing students' creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

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