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What is Redmenta Plus? - Learn about the subscriber packages

Redmenta was launched almost 10 years ago by two high school students, next to a retired teacher and a communication specialist. Redmenta has now become one of the country's most popular education technology solutions, serving more than 1.3 million teachers and students in 16 countries from Brazil to China.

Last year, for the sustainability of the system and to maintain the continuous development, we introduced Redmenta's professional subscriber service called Redmenta Plus.

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The Redmenta Plus subscription

With the introduction of Redmenta Plus, the free version got a storage limitation of 20MB. All registered users have this 20MB by default, which - to a certain extent - can even be expanded for free.

You can read more about the free storage booster options here: 

If you would like to further expand your storage space and widen the range of Redmenta functions, get to know the Redmenta Plus subscription packages and enjoy the convenience of 20 or 25GB of storage space!

Read more about it in the Redmenta knowledge base here: 

In the knowledge base, we answer - among other things - the following questions:

  • What Redmenta subscription packages can I choose from?
  • How much does Redmenta Plus cost?
  • What payment methods can I choose from?
  • How can I add members of the group subscription?
  • How can I cancel my Redmenta subscription?


Redmenta Plus features

If you are wondering what extra functions you can access with Redmenta Plus, we have listed the most important ones for you here:

  1. Invitation to be an editor
    Inviting more instructors as editors or supervisors to the same worksheet for smooth teamwork
  2. Download results in PDF
    Printing and downloading completed worksheets in PDF format
  3. Turn off ads
    Ad-free user experience
  4. Detailed Excel export
    Exporting results and easy evaluation in Excel 
  5. Archiving results
    Achieving of fillings, easier view for new fill outs


Basic informations on how to get Redmenta Plus

Currently, Redmenta Plus is available as a monthly or annual subscription. The subscription can be individual or group packages.

It is important that the prices have been designed in such a way that the more instructors/pedagogues included in the subscription, the bigger discount on the subscription you can get. Therefore, if you would like to request a quote, it is worth assessing the needs within the institution/company, as we can only provide you with an exact quote if we know the exact number of those who will be included in your subscription package.

In the Pricing menu of the Redmeta page, it is possible to request a quote for subscriber packages with individual pricing (for this, click on Get offer). You can also request by contacting us via email (e-mail address:

To request a quote, provide us:

  • the type of subscription (monthly or annual),
  • the type of use (school or business)
  • number of instructors/pedagogues included in the subscriber group

About payment methods:

1.) When purchasing online by credit card, payment is made by following the instructions on the page:

Annual subscription: 

Monthly subscription: 

Business subscription: 

2.) In case of proforma invoices, we will prepare the document based on the given billing data (can only be requested in case of annual group subscription).

For the proforma invoice the following information is required: 

  • an existing Redmenta username (or an email address registered on Redmenta)
  • billing name
  • billing address
  • tax number (if possessing one)
  • email address to which the proforma invoice will be sent

Send us these information so we can send you back the proforma invoice required. Contact us via email:

Based on the specified username (or e-mail address registered on Redmenta), we set up an admin user for the subscription. The admin will be the person who manages the user rights of the members participating in the Redmenta Plus subscription, starting from the trial period starting by the issuance of the proforma invoice.

In the case of a group subscription, members are added by the group admin on the Edit profile page (drop-down menu in the upper right corner) or on the following link:


Redmenta Plus: for business purposes

3d-flame-business-man-holds-out-his-hand-for-greeting-business-womanIf your business is interested in subscribing to Redmenta Plus we created a version specifically for you: it is called Redmenta Plus for Businesses. In this case the subscription fee differs from the prices that you can see on the website. This is because we offer different packages to institutions of the public education systems based on their special needs.

It is important that as a company you can only subscribe to Redmenta Plus for Businesses. If you would like to request a quote for your company, you can do so here: 

Redmenta Plus AI add-on

Did you know? You can add AI features and AI-based task types to any Redmenta Plus package. With the add-on, you'll be credited 500 AI tokens every 30 days, which you can use for free throught that month. These 500 tokens are enough to create 50 AI-generated 10-task worksheets or 500 messages as solutions to the Chates task type.

Read more about AI tokens:

If you have a Redmenta Plus subscription, we'll give you 50 AI tokens to try out Redmenta's Content Generator and the exciting AI-based Chat task type. 

Find out more here:


To whom do we recommend Redmenta Plus?

From kindergarten to university education, Redmenta is a great tool in any school environment. In addition, it can be perfectly used for any adult training, company training (fire and occupational safety training, training of new colleagues, as well as increasing and maintaining the knowledge of colleagues working at your company). The system can be easily used in any corporate software environment, and as a user-friendly website, it can be easily and quickly mastered on any device, for example on mobiles as well.

Redmenta's worksheet creation system can also be used excellently for students with special educational needs, as multimedia materials can be uploaded to each type of task, so videos, audio materials and images can help them learn and practice. 

If you have any questions about the subscription, or would like to request a quote, or proforma invoice, contact us or find us via chat on

If you would like to contact us regarding other topics, please use the contact details below:

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