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Get extra megabytes and AI tokens for free and promote Redmenta with us!

A new referral program has been launched on Redmenta to build the Redmenta community and promote the site. Within the program, you can invite your colleagues to sign up for Redmenta with a few clicks, and you will be rewarded with a free +50MB of storage an +50 AI tokens for every signed up teacher colleague you invite! What's even better that not only the inviter, but also the invitee will receive the extra storage space and tokens after registration. Don't worry! Inviting is very easy, you just need to send the unique invitation code or link. 

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There are two ways to invite. First, access the Referral menu from the top right drop-down menu in your profile, or use the following link:

Manual invitation, with invitation code:

On the referral program page you will find your personal invitation code. Send this code to your colleagues. The invitee will be asked to enter the same code in the first login window after registration.

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Based on the code, the system will link the inviter and the invitee, so that both of them automatically receive the extra space and tokens, which can be collected in the Storage Diary ( or on the referral program page. The invitee will automatically receive the additional storage space, while the inviter will have to collect it themselves, and will be notified by email.

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If someone forgets to enter the invitation code at the first login, no problem! The system will allow you to do this for another week at the bottom of the Edit Profile page (

Automatic invitation, with a unique link:

On the referral program page, you will find a Copy link to clipboard button. Click on it and send the copied link to your colleagues on any platform or share it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest and LinkedIn. To do this, click on the icon of the social media platform where you want to share the invitation and follow the usual steps as you would when sharing any other content.

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If you share the link, the invitees do not need to enter the invitation code when they first log in, but the system will automatically fill in the field for them based on the link, and you will both get a reward, which can be collected in the Storage Diary ( or on the referral program page. The collection applies only to the person who made the referral, who will also be notified by email when additional extra megabytes become available.

Other IMPORTANT information:

  • extra storage will only be credited to inviters who have successfully invited their colleagues and they registered on Redmenta via the invitation link or by entering the invitation code
  • Extra storage will only be credited for the first 20 successfully registered invitees.
  • The extra megabytes credited to the referrer can be collected on the referral program page or in the Storage Diary (, available via the Expansion Details button on the Desktop (the inviter will be notified by email when extra megabytes are available).