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New worksheet modes on Redmenta - Instant feedback for students!

On Redmenta, you can choose from various worksheet modes to support self- and gamified learning. This addition extends the classic assessment with two new options. 

The Self-learning and Gamified challenge worksheet modes are perfect for giving students the space to practice and learn in a playful way. All the teacher has to do is set up one of the worksheet modes with a single click. This way, the students can get instant feedback on their work while completing the worksheet without the teacher's constant assistance. This saves a lot of time for both parties, while the instant feedback is a great motivation for the students, helping them process the material and practice independently. 


But how and what can the worksheet modes be used for? Let's see these settings! 


Self-learning worksheet mode

With the Self-learning worksheet mode, students can immediately check if their solution is correct and correct it if necessary. They can review the tasks as many times as they like, so if they give an incorrect answer for the second time, they can try again. This worksheet mode is ideal for practice or independent learning when students can still work on tasks without pressure.

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See how this worksheet mode works in practice and complete this demo worksheet:
Read about the details here:


Gamified challenge worksheet mode

The Gamified challenge worksheet mode creates a real competitive situation, turning the task into an exciting challenge. In this mode, the teacher can pre-set the number of lives the student has, and in such a case, each wrong answer costs -1 life. What's even more exciting is that the student can only move on to the next page if they solve all tasks correctly (so, for example, if a single-choice question has four possible answers and the student only selects the correct answer for the fourth time, that means -3 lives for a single task). When the lives run out, the worksheet automatically closes. This worksheet mode is excellent for fun practice or testing/comparing students' knowledge on a given topic.

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See how it works in practice and complete this demo worksheet:
Read about the details here:

Where can you access these worksheet modes? 

To access these settings, go to the Edit menu of the worksheet and then click on the Evaluation Settings button at the top of the page. These worksheet modes will then appear, and you can select the one that best suits your practice. 

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Summary of the worksheet modes



Gamified challenge


The pedagogical purpose of the worksheet mode 

practice, revision, self-learning 

comparison of knowledge, playful practice 

knowledge assessment 

Instant feedback number

not limited

as many lives as defined by the teacher 

instant feedback is not available

The consequence of an incorrect answer

mistake points

one life minus (when run out of lives, the completion is closed)

none during completion

Teacher's role in limiting instant feedback

no role, as feedback can be freely requested

determines how many lives students have

no role, instant feedback is not available

Do students have to answer all questions?

no, they don’t

yes, they do

no, they don’t

Do students have to answer all questions correctly?

no, they don’t

yes, they do

no, they don’t

Can the worksheet be completed if students run out of instant feedback?

not relevant

no, the worksheet will be submitted when the lives have run out

not relevant

Ranking possibility 

by score and mistake points  

lives remaining (or how far students got before running out of lives)

by score 

Example of its use

practice, independent learning - monitoring the learning process (e.g. how much more practice is needed)

during gamified learning and practice: e.g. competition on a given topic, comparison of knowledge

exam, essay, test, projects