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How to use the Catalog? - Stepy-by-step manual

Did you know? Redmenta is not just for creating your own worksheets. If you haven't heard of Catalogue, now is the time to get to know this cool Redmenta feature!

In the Catalogue you will find lots of worksheets already created by others! The many high quality worksheets in the Catalogue have been created and shared by Redmenta users, so that anyone can use them freely at any time. This means that you can use other teachers' tried and tested worksheets, or an interesting exercise from one of them, in any of your own worksheets. You can even use them as a base and you can customize them with a few minutes of editing.

This way you can now choose from many many worksheets by subject, grade and type of worksheet (e.g. midterm, essay). You can access the worksheets in the Catalogue menu. 

The worksheet titles and orange labels will help you find the right worksheet. If you have found an interesting worksheet by title, you can easily browse through it. Click on the View button and decide if you really like the particular question set.

Once you have chosen the right worksheet, copy it to your own worksheets. After copying, you will now have full access to the worksheet, therefore your storage space will be occupied by all the tasks it contains and the future completions by your students. 

The editing and settings for the worksheets copied from the Catalogue will work in the same way as for worksheets you create yourself. You can access sharing and completion settings in the same way in the Task Sheet Settings menu, and once you share it with your students, their results will appear in the Results menu. The only thing to note is that when editing, you must also save assignments you have not created yourself to the Assignment Repository before you can make changes to them or view the solution key and scoring set for the assignment. The system will also remind you of this if you are modifying an task that has not yet been copied. For other cases, you can save the tasks of this copied worksheet to the Repository by clicking on the Copy and Edit button!

You can save a lot of time with the Catalogue. Just think about it! Even if you don't use all the tasks on the worksheet you copied from the Catalogue, it is very easy to use these worksheets as a base. Even by adjusting the scoring, adding a few of your own exercises, this solution still saves a lot of time for you. Not to mention how many ideas, inspirations and creative uses of well-established task types you can find in worksheets edited by others! Also, you can learn new imaginative solutions on task types you haven't used before. If you can, share your own worksheets in the Catalogue too so the cycle goes on!

For more information on how to place your worksheets in the Catalogue, see here.