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Effective strategies to prevent cheating in digital learning: solutions from Redmenta

Online and digital education has developed enormously in recent years, with many benefits for both teachers and students. However, one of the biggest challenges educators face in the digital learning environment is the prevention of cheating. Students can more easily access information and communicate with each other, making it difficult to get a true picture of their knowledge. In this context, Redmenta offers several solutions to prevent cheating.

Why is preventing cheating important?

Preventing cheating is essential because:

  1. Teachers need an accurate picture of students' knowledge and abilities. Cheating can distort these results, which can, in the long run, negatively affect students' learning progress.
  2. For ambitious students, seeing others achieve better results by cheating can be demotivating, leading to a loss of motivation to learn.
  3. Tolerance of cheating weakens ethical standards, which are important in all fields of life. Students need to learn that honest work is the basis for success.

Redmenta solutions to prevent cheating

Redmenta offers a range of features to help you prevent cheating and get valid results:

Page Break settings: with the new Page break after each worksheet element feature, you can place each worksheet element on a separate page and specify in the Fill settings (Share menu) that the students are not allowed to return to previous pages while completing the worksheet. 

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When editing, you can even set a time limit for each page break so you can pre-define how much time a student can spend on a page.

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This helps reduce the chance of students working from other sources or consulting each other. By setting time limits, students need to work quickly and efficiently, using their own knowledge. Placing tasks on a separate page can also increase concentration, as it helps keep the student focused on the task without being distracted by other questions. 

Sharing level settings: by selecting the "Only certain people" sharing level, only those students you assign to the worksheet can access it. This ensures that only those who are allowed access to the worksheet. 

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Random ordering of tasks: the random order of tasks makes it difficult for students to copy each other's work, as everyone will see the questions in a different order. This method also effectively reduces the chance of cheating.

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Create variations: in Redmenta, you can clone worksheets at the touch of a button and quickly create A, B, and C variations with minor changes to the tasks. In addition, with AI worksheet generation, you can generate infinite variations in 1-2 minutes based on a single topic or learning material you provide as a source. 


Preventing cheating in the digital environment is key to ensuring accurate and fair assessments and results. Redmenta's various features and settings offer an effective solution to this problem. Page breaks, setting the sharing level, creating worksheet variations, applying deadlines, and randomizing the order of tasks all contribute to getting a true picture of students' knowledge while improving their time management skills. Try these solutions and help your students achieve their best performance!