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AI-powered content creator for any educational standard on Redmenta

Redmenta's AI-powered content templates: instantly create endless worksheets inspired by key competencies highlighted in PISA, IELTS, IB, and TIMSS standards. Using unique AI templates, our innovative system crafts competency-aligned worksheets in only 3 minutes, offering an infinite array of skill-developing exercises for efficient and effective student performance. What’s even better is that these templates are customizable to make it more relevant to the national curriculum and to the required competencies in international assessments.


Case Study: Closing the gaps between national curriculum and PISA requirements 



A major challenge in education is when national curriculum and international assessments differ in format and focus of skill development. This gap presents a complex challenge for educators who are struggling to deliver national curriculum while also enhancing competencies for international standards. Meeting these requirements, such as the ones used in the PISA assessments, is not easy. Finding a format that is close enough to international expectations and preparing these materials takes a considerable amount of time from already overwhelmed teachers. The importance of skill-development is further validated by international statistics which highlight the gap between national educational goals and global standards of competence. Based on OECD’s report from 2023, between 2018 and 2022, mean performance in mathematics across OECD countries fell by a record 15 points. Reading fell 10 points, twice the previous record, whereas science performance did not change significantly. On average, reading and science trajectories had been falling for a decade, though math had remained stable between 2003-2018 (OECD, 2023).

Képernyőkép 2024-01-18 133711Source: OECD (2023), PISA 2022 Results (Volume I): The State of Learning and Equity in Education.


As a high school teacher in Eastern Hungary, Mr. Toth faced a significant challenge in enhancing his class’ competences aligned with international assessments while delivering the national curriculum. The main problem was the lack of skill developing materials to support his students’ for taking challenging exams like PISA.

His students were also struggling with science literacy and analytical writing, a critical component of the PISA requirements. Unfortunately, the resources available to Mr. Toth were lacking, particularly in covering the analytical writing and science related reading comprehension tasks. Recognising the weakness of his students, Mr. Toth started to search for efficient tools and materials that focused more on practical tasks requiring problem-solving skills to better develop his student’s analytical skills. 

All together he needed quickly accessible materials to support students in taking the PISA assessment, also aligned with the national curriculum.


In his search for effective learning tools, Mr. Toth found the perfect solution in Redmenta. Redmenta offers a wide range of AI templates inspired by international standards. These templates, created by Redmenta users and content experts, also offer customization options. This allowed Mr. Toth to adjust them to the specific needs of his class, ensuring that they were compatible with both the national curriculum and the PISA requirements. 

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Using Redmenta and its selection of AI templates, Mr. Toth was able to generate an unlimited number of diverse materials each day, each offering new challenges. 

Mr. Toth spent roughly 10-15 minutes converting the AI template, inspired by PISA-assessed competencies, into a customized worksheet focused on science literacy. With this quick work, his worksheet can now be generated in an unlimited number of variations, each time presenting his students with a unique topic and new challenges. This infinite generation capability of Redmenta AI ensured that his class never ran out of practice material and could constantly challenge themself with fresh exercises, while following the curriculum and nurturing competencies also expected by PISA. 

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The impact of Mr. Toth using Redmenta was significant.The availability of an endless supply of high quality worksheets aligned to the defined standards has deepened the students' understanding of the material. They were able to practice different types of questions, enhancing their problem-solving skills and adaptability. These exercises included tasks that did not divert from the national curriculum, while developing the competences measured by PISA.

Recognizing that his class had difficulties in science literacy, Mr. Toth not only generated worksheets with the AI but also modified the templates. This level of customization ensured that the worksheets directly targeted the critical areas of explaining scientific phenomenons and writing complex essays. This efficient process enabled Mr. Toth to create worksheets tailored to the needs of his class.

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As a result, each student made a 10-20% improvement in reading comprehension, analytical writing and creative problem solving in three months, compared to the scores they reached before using Redmenta. Thanks to this skill development process provided by Mr. Toth, the class also will take international assessments with  more confidence and a thorough understanding of the material, which was reflected in their excellent performance and scores. 

What's even better is that the customized templates could also be used by Toth’s fellow teachers, so he eventually was able to provide a continuous supply of content for the whole school. This allowed colleagues to reduce the workload by generating content in under 1 minute, bridging the gap between national and international requirements.